Air Conditioning System Business

Buildings are steadily becoming more multi-functional. They are endlessly extending their architectural space by getting taller and going deeper underground.

Air conditioning systems can broadly be divided into two kinds: those for our homes and offices where we need to comfortably and healthily spend our days, and those for industrial use where advanced air-conditioning is required to improve the quality control or productivity of products.
For example, an office and a space development facility naturally have purposes and structures that are completely different from one another.
On various fronts, there are ongoing efforts to achieve optimal quality regarding the air that is needed to fill specific space. In addition to the heating, ventilation and cooling systems that support the infrastructure of buildings, this quest for optimal quality is also going on in the development of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, dust collectors, deodorizers, equipment to remove hazardous substances, and bio-clean rooms.

When designing the optimal solution, it is also necessary to ensure that it uses energy efficiently, it doesn’t consume too much resources, it doesn’t cause pollution and it is resistant to earthquakes. At DAIICHI KOGYO, as experts in environmental facilities, we provide optimal air environments suited to the needs of our customers.

Air Conditioning System Business - Related Technologies

Related technologies of general air conditioning systems

Air Conditioning System BusinessWe design and build air conditioning systems, such as those in offices, that provide us with comfortable living environments.
We enable appropriate humidity and temperature control, and supply clean air so we can live our lives healthily.

Industrial Air-Conditioning System Related Technology

Air Conditioning System Business We are involved in the creation of special buildings and facilities for such purposes as quality control or productivity enhancement of products in factories or the construction of development environments for research institutions.

Major Past Works Related to the Air Conditioning System Business

  • National Diet BuildingNational Diet Building
  • Meiji Yasuda Seimei BuildingMeiji Yasuda Seimei Building
  • Kyoto National MuseumKyoto National Museum
  • Narita International AirportNarita International Airport
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