Operational Efficiency Technology

MarbiQ Sorter (add-on device for Vertical Cross Belt Sorter and other systems)

What is a MarbiQ Sorter?

The MarbiQ Sorter is an add-on for the loading regions of systems to achieve more comfortable operation for supplying mail items, leaflets and envelope-sealed documents.
When introducing a large volume of envelopes contained in a container or cardboard box, the MarbiQ Sorter automatically loads the envelopes, one-by-one, into the system at a set pitch.

Characteristics of the MarbiQ

  • High loading capability
    The system can handle lump supply, such as when flipping boxes over to empty contents at once. (Please check the content first.)
  • Stable operation of the sorting device
    Automatic supply of articles at a set pitch
  • Automatic selection of articles
    By combining weighing scales and sensors, only the articles to be sorted can be automatically picked out.

Past Works

  • Parcel delivery centers, logistics centers, publishing industry related centers
MarbiQ Sorter

Spacelorry (Ceiling Conveyance System)

What Is a Spacelorry?

A Spacelorry is a system that has a trolley that runs along a rail installed near the ceiling for the purpose of conveying heavy objects.

Characteristics of the Spacelorry

  • Supports objects up to 100 kg
    The travelling trolley has a sturdy structure.
  • Effective utilization of space
    By installing the system close to the ceiling, it helps to improve the working environment on the floor.
  • Flexible layout
    It is possible to construct a layout that matches the structure of the building by arranging straight rail with curved rail sections.

Past Works

  • Printing companies, electronic precision equipment manufacturers, and more.

Belt Lifter (Vertical Conveyance System)

What Is a Belt Lifter?

A Belt Lifter is a system that provides vertical conveyance of articles between floors using a conveyor style of transportation.
Articles that travel on this conveyor, which is connected horizontally with other systems, are enveloped into a soft belt and conveyed upward or downward.

Characteristics of the Belt Lifter

  • Adoption of soft belt
    A wide range of article shapes can be supported, transporting them gently without putting any load on them.
  • Smooth conveyance
    No timing adjustments are required at the entry and exit points of the system. The system can operate at the same speed as the conveyors connecting to it.
  • Effective use of space
    The system can be installed in limited spaces and its layout can be extended flexibly.
  • Conveyance to different levels
    By adding intermediate discharging functions, it is possible to convey to three or more points.

Past Works

  • Newspaper printing centers, and more.
Belt Lifter

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