Speedy Sorting of Newspaper Center Printed Products – Wing Sorter

What Is a Wing Sorter?

The Wing Sorter is a belt-conveyor type of sorting system that is installed in newspaper factories in Japan. A short conveyor in the middle of the line swivels to perform sorting of bundles of printed newspapers.

* It can also be used for purposes other than transporting bundles of newspapers. Speedy Sorting of Newspaper Center Printed Products – Wing Sorter

Characteristics of the Wing Sorter

  • Smart operation with simple structure
    Reduced running cost: By reducing the number of components, the system can be operated with lower maintenance costs.
    High durability: It has low risk of breakdown and is easy to maintain.
  • It uses a direct-drive motor
    It achieves high sorting capability with low noise operation. It does not use air piping. Its processing capability is 5,700 articles/hour or more (* Actual figures).

Past works

  • Newspaper printing centers (approx. 100 locations), . . . and more.

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