Sorting of Small Articles like Postal Items – Vertical Cross Belt Sorter

What Is a Vertical Cross Belt Sorter?

This sorter is particularly useful for sorting small articles such as mail items, leaflets, and books.
It effectively utilizes vertical space, thereby allowing operation with excellent space efficiency.
The conveyor operates in a cycle (like a Ferris wheel) to efficiently utilize two levels: upper and lower. The items are sorted into containers that are set at the discharge station.

Sorting of Small Articles like Postal Items – Vertical Cross Belt Sorter

Flow of Sorting

Articles are set one by one into the loading conveyor (or by incorporating a loading unit option, group-loading becomes possible).
Then via the induction conveyor, the articles are introduced to the sorting device (Vertical Cross Belt Sorter).
The articles are sorted into the containers at the discharge station.
When a container becomes full, the container will automatically be shipped off. When a discharge station becomes vacant, a container is automatically supplied.
*4. Only for the fully automated specification.

Characteristics of the Vertical Cross Belt Sorter

  • Excellent sorting capability
    Sorter: 7,200 articles/hour (conveyor speed 72 m/min) Induction (loading conveyor): 3,600 articles/hour * per loading station. Up to 4 loading stations can be installed.
  • High space efficiency for minimal installation floor space
    By utilizing two levels (upper and lower) the system can be installed in limited space. This proves useful when installing other systems or for ensuring enough space for worker traffic.
  • Energy efficient and low noise (and also cost-cutting in case of fully automated type)
    By employing a screw drive system, the operating noise is reduced. In the case of the fully automated type, the automated removal and loading of containers enables further labor cost savings.

Past Works

  • Parcel delivery centers, book industry related centers, . . . and more.
Sorting of Small Articles like Postal Items – Vertical Cross Belt Sorter

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