Rapid Sorting of Large Volumes of Parcel-Delivery Articles – Wave Sorter

What Is a Wave Sorter?

The Wave Sorter is a main-stay product of DAIICHI KOGYO that fulfills the extensive need for sorting according to the direction of an article, such as parcel-delivery items, books, and envelope-sealed documents. The roller-swiveling system enables rapid sorting of large and small articles. The possibilities of its layout are very flexible, allowing for it to be assembled to match the operations.

Wave Sorter

Flow of Sorting

Articles are loaded on to the induction conveyor.
Articles are introduced onto the belt conveyor and carried by conveyor.
Articles are sorted in various directions with Wave Sorter and discharged for storage.

Characteristics of the Wave Sorter

  • Highly stable sorting capability
    Speedy sortingCapable of sorting 7,200 articles/hour or more. (When conveyor speed is 90 m/min.).
    Conveyance of heavy articlesArticles weighing up to 50 kg can be sorted smoothly.
  • Designed to be gentle with products
    Topple preventionThe sorting occurs using smooth angles to prevent products from toppling
    Level transferal After sorting, there is no moving up or down a level, which drastically reduces damage to products.
  • Improvement of working environment
    Peace of mindThe mechanical movement of the sorting part is small, which ensures worker safety.
    Low noiseThe system adopts a new drive method that enables articles to be conveyed at slow speed.

Past Works

  • Post offices (handling parcels sent by post) – 88 systems
  • Various parcel-delivery centers (handling parcels, etc.) – 109 systems
  • Newspaper printing centers (handling bundles of newspapers) – 26 systems
  • Logistics centers – 15 systems
  • Overseas centers – 18 systems . . . and more
大量の宅配物の高速仕分 Wave Sorter

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