Industrial Air-Conditioning Technology

What is Special Technology?

In places like research facilities and precision equipment factories, there is a growing demand for clean rooms with higher cleanliness and for special environments such as ultra-low humidity and ultra-low temperature environments. In order to meet these demands, DAIICHI KOGYO responds with the latest technology and is helping customers achieve products with higher quality. In addition, these technologies are being utilized to create “sanitary environments” at hospital facilities, and to “secure safe foods,” such as through compliance with HACCP, in food factories.

Special Technology

Biotech Related Technology

In order to maintain hygienic levels at such facilities as hospitals, animal breeding facilities, food factories and pharmaceutical factories, it is extremely important to control air cleanliness and indoor pressure. We will satisfy customers’ needs and provide systems that are economically superior.

Industrial Air-Conditioning Technology

At research, experimentation and testing facilities, special environments are required for developing new products and product tests. In addition, at production plants, environmentally enhanced facilities are essential for improving productivity. We use our extensive past-experience together with the latest technologies to help customers find optimal solutions.

1. Dust and Harmful Gas Removal

Inside air conditioners, we install active-carbon adsorption filters (acid adsorption/alkali adsorption) for harmful gas adsorption and medium-performance filters for dust removal.

2. Clean Room

We ensure high levels of in-room cleanliness and the safety of products by removing bacteria and dust, raising air pressure in rooms to prevent outside bacteria and dust from entering the room.

3. Biohazard Control

By controlling the pressure of each room, it is possible to maintain one-way airflow, thereby preventing the inflow of bacteria, etc. from a room requiring a high level of biosafety precaution to rooms requiring lower levels of biosafety precaution. By using special biomatter-removal systems such as exhaust equipment to prevent the spread of bacteria, etc., we create safe facilities.

4. Constant Temperature and Humidity

In biotech-related facilities, there are many places and processes where it is necessary to keep both temperature and humidity at constant levels. We can construct a system according to the conditions and tolerance of each room and design and construct it in a way that fully satisfies the customer’s needs.

5. Precise Temperature Control at ±0.1 °C Precision

For mission critical equipment that requires precise temperature control, a precision temperature control system can be constructed to provide a stable heat medium at the required temperature control range (±0.1 °C Precision).

6. Ultra-Low Humidity

In the field of industrial air conditioning, it is necessary to provide a wide range of purpose-specific indoor environments. If it is undesirable that there be moisture in the air, then it will be necessary to maintain a constant ultra-low humidity environment (dry room), for which humidity control is indispensable.

7. Environmental Testing Laboratory

When testing products, it is necessary to simulate various weather conditions from around the world and measure the durability and performance of products under these conditions. We design and construct facilities that can simulate various conditions according to the customer’s needs.

Automotive Related Technology

Among Japan’s industrial world, the automobile industry is one of the core industries. It has world-leading companies as well as many other participating companies including the peripheral companies such as component manufacturers. At DAIICHI KOGYO, we not only provide air conditioning and ventilation systems for the production plants, but also develop and construct the equipment for testing, such as various environmental testing rooms that are required for developing and testing engines and vehicles.

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