President’s Message – Management Philosophy


Our management philosophies at DAIICHI KOGYO are “DAIICHI KOGYO Appreciated by Customers” and “DAIICHI KOGYO Always Evolving.”

Rather than visions that we aspire to, these management philosophies are statements of the values that we have consistently nurtured since our founding in 1924. As these philosophies are ingrained in our daily activities, we normally tend to take them for granted. Sometimes, however, we struggle with choices concerning which direction we should proceed, and during those times, these philosophies guide us.

Through holding these philosophies close to their heart, our employees and officers are able to sometimes bring about a sense of drama to events; in other words, they do work that customers find moving. Through conduct that exceeds expectations, we gain trust from our customers. When our actions move customers and gain their trust, I can be proud of our work.
DAIICHI KOGYO will forever continue creating such wonderful drama.

Tadao Shinohara, President and Representative Director

Management Philosophy

DAIICHI KOGYO Appreciated by Customers

To become a company that contributes to society through facility construction technology and services and is favored by customers, employees and shareholders

DAIICHI KOGYO Constantly Evolving

To constantly evolve—from growing our employees to improving our technology, services and business attitude

Management Basic Policy

Shape DAIICHI KOGYO’s strengths to suit the changing end-users

  • Provide timely services through communication with end-users.
  • Utilize new technologies used by society (AI, BIM, processed piping, etc.).
  • Seek out new customers in the changing environment.

Benefit customers through employee growth

  • Enhance employee education aimed at multifaceted employee growth.
  • Create opportunities that provide employees with greater experience at performing more skilled assignments.
  • Support initiatives aimed at conquering the unknown.

Create comfortable and work-friendly workplaces

  • Provide employees with equipment and software systems that boost efficiency.
  • Make organizations more transparent and boost motivation.