Renewal Business

The era of the mass supply of buildings is over. Nowadays, there is a wish to use existing buildings for longer as a way of being friendlier to the environment while reducing operating costs.

While the useful life of a building is around 50 to 65 years, the lifespans of the facilities in buildings are about 15 to 20 years.
Therefore, renewing such facilities is unavoidable part of building ownership. At the same time, such renewal work is an opportunity to capitalize on today’s advancement in technology and the changes in energy supply by switching over to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly facilities.

When a building’s needs have changed, or when renewal work is required to carry out a change of production line, our first task is always to get a precise understanding of our customer’s needs. This allows us to propose the optimal system in the confidence that we will be able to bring about a satisfying renovation.

  • The spaces we provide are healthy and safe environments with a relaxed and roomy feel.
  • Our work enhances building value and can generate value worth more than the capital expenditure.
  • We contribute to the protection of the global environment by realizing greater energy savings through the adoption of highly efficient equipment and well-chosen systems.
  • Our renewed buildings realize labor savings by requiring less daily operational tasks and less maintenance tasks.
  • Our customers enjoy the lower running costs achieved by greater energy efficiency and reduced power consumption.
  • We open up more utilizable space and ensure all building space can be used effectively.

What is a renewal proposal?

After conducting a hearing with the customer and inspecting the site, we ensure we have a thorough understanding of all short-comings and customer needs so that we can propose a system that will function as a comfortable and energy-efficient facility.
We can offer the customer a selection of proposals showing a clear comparison of the respective calculations regarding energy consumption, running costs, initial costs.
We also offer the customer a plan that includes renewal and safety measures that enable the continued use of the building throughout construction.

Flow of Renewal Proposals

Visiting the customer
  • Hearing
  • Onsite inspection (visual inspection)
  • Acquisition of resources (construction drawings, management logs, records of electricity, gas and water consumption, etc.)
Secondary analysis
(if required)
  • Various measurements (wind conditions, quantities, electric power, etc.)
  • Surveys using sampling and endoscopes
Report and proposal
  • Comfortable and energy efficient proposal
  • Provide comparisons of initial cost, running cost and energy consumption for each proposed system, etc.
Construction plan
  • Create a construction execution plan and work plan based on the proposal
Start of construction work
  • Execution of renewal work
  • Management by qualified persons

Major Past Works Related to Renewal Business

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  • Tokyo International ForumTokyo International Forum
  • Japan Bioassay Research CenterJapan Bioassay Research Center
  • Honda R&D Research CenterHonda R&D Research Center
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