Maintenance Services

The Importance of Maintenance

In order to keep an air conditioning facility or water supply and drainage sanitation facility functioning normally and safely, it is essential that it be maintained. The cost of construction is only a part of the necessary costs for running a building (lifecycle costs), and in fact the far larger portion of such costs is incurred by maintenance and management.

The equipment, plumbing ducts and so forth each have a useful life, and periodic maintenance prolongs the useful lives of equipment and systems and prevents the facilities from becoming out of order.

Among maintenance, there are two types of inspections: one that is prescribed by law and the other that is carried out to prevent failures and protect equipment.

Maintenance of air-conditioning facilities

  • Maintenance and inspection of air-conditioners
  • Maintenance and inspection of heat source equipment
  • Maintenance and inspection of cooling tower
  • Replacement work of ventilation blowers
  • Replacement work of bearings
  • Duct cleaning / filter cleaning
  • Cooling-heating switchover operation

Maintenance of Sanitary Systems

  • Various maintenance and inspection of pumps
  • Various replacement or inspection of pumps
  • Maintenance and inspection of well water treatment facilities
  • Cleaning of grease trap
  • Remodeling work of toilets
  • Rehabilitation work of plumbing
  • In-pipe cleaning
  • Various tank work
  • Cleaning of tanks
  • Cleaning of drain pipes
  • Smoke particulate matter measurement
  • Performance testing and maintenance of boilers and pressure vessels
  • Installation of fire defense system
  • Inspection of fire defense equipment


  • Regular inspection of building systems
  • Regular inspection of special buildings, etc.
  • Simple inspection and regular inspection of commercial refrigeration air conditioning equipment
  • Building energy management
  • Maintenance of centralized monitoring panels
  • Building and electrical work
  • Insect control
  • Floor and glass cleaning
  • 24-hour emergency response

What is Life Cycle Cost (LCC)?

Have you heard of a building’s “lifecycle cost” or “LCC”? This term refers to the total cost of a building over its lifecycle. It includes not only the cost of its planning, design and construction, but also the cost required to maintain and manage it, and, finally, the cost of its dismantling and disposal.

As shown by the figure above, building cost is just the tip of the iceberg, and the majority of LCC is made up of maintenance and management costs.

Legally Mandated Inspection Items

We can provide inspection of power-receiving/transforming facilities, inspection of fire defense equipment, legal inspection of elevators, regular testing of special buildings, regular inspection of building facilities and inspection of water quality, simple inspection and regular inspection of commercial refrigeration air conditioning equipment, etc.

Maintenance of Building Systems

We can provide inspection of air-conditioning facilities, monitoring operations for various facilities, inspection of automatic doors, inspection of the mechanical parking lot, inspection of supply water pump, and so forth. These operations ensure the building continues to operate normally, which is essential to ensure the building’s tenants can use the facilities and generate revenues.

Aesthetic Maintenance and Management

We can provide daily cleaning of the communal areas, regular floor cleaning, window cleaning, cleaning of tanks, management of greenery and so forth. The quality of such tasks is paramount in determining the comfort and impression that is provided to tenants and visitors of buildings.

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