World class technological capability

At DAIICHI KOGYO, we constantly strive to achieve better quality through technological improvement and R&D, and our efforts to date have earned us numerous technology awards. In addition, we continue to release a diverse range of models to meet the various “extra” needs of our customers. For example, the “Wave Sorter,” which is one of our conveyor systems, is specially designed to perform high-speed sorting of packages such as those delivered by parcel-delivery services. This unique product was born from the wishes of our customers amid the global expansion of the mail-order market. Its excellent sorting capability has contributed to improving the working environments at parcel-delivery and logistics centers. DAIICHI KOGYO’s technology has earned a strong reputation from many customers from various countries around the world.

Extensive track record in all industries

The buildings in which we install our air conditioning systems and plumbing and sanitary systems have diverse purposes, including office, retail business, healthcare/nursing care, manufacturing, and research, and each of our customers demand specifications that are optimally customized to suit the building’s specific purpose.
Throughout DAIICHI KOGYO’s long history, we have accumulated knowhow in a wide range of fields. For example, in the field of air conditioning, we have developed clean rooms used in healthcare and laboratories, technology related to automotive related environment facilities, and in the field of water supply and drainage, we have developed technology behind rainwater utilization systems. All these accomplishments serve as budding possibilities for the future. In the field of logistics systems, by developing products that cater to the needs of the era, we have been accumulating a strong track record across various industries. In recent years, we have been involved in automatic sorting at distribution centers that have grown in massive scale, and many of our high-speed sorting systems are being adopted.

Our history of more than 90 years since foundation

Although our company’s endeavors have not glamorously earned spotlight fame, we have been accumulating trust based on sincere work since our founding in 1924.
By operating on the two pillars of providing systems for buildings and facilities, and designing and managing the construction of conveyor systems, we have been making use of our abundant product knowledge and experience-based knowhow that we have accumulated over many long years to build the latest comfortable environments that suit the era and fit environmental needs. Through such efforts as establishing a local subsidiary in India in 2012, we are expanding globally, and we continue to evolve as a total systems engineering company.

Our ability to solve customers’ problems

We are praised for our quickness to respond to our customers’ needs.
We place strong emphasis on listening closely in our consultations with customers. Before proposing solutions, we carefully analyze the issues and problems.
For large scale projects, we form project teams, and these teams work together to vigorously exchange diverse opinions and come up with even better solutions.
When dealing with difficult problems, we put our long-accumulated experience and knowhow to work to sincerely meet our customer’s needs with at times flexible thinking.

Group of professionals full of originality

It is DAIICHI KOGYO’s aim to “create comfortable environments.” To realize this, sometimes unique thinking and vitality are called for.
Working at DAIICHI KOGYO are design professionals, engineering professionals and project management professionals. We also have individuals who shine for their strong voice and strength of action, and others with excellent IT knowledge. Our individual members make use of their diverse originality and skill to bring ideas to the table; and driven by the spirit of wanting to create new things and new spaces, we work together to push the limits of possibility. This is what defines DAIICHI KOGYO. We operate in a world of great depth that requires flexible abilities unobtainable through just a single stream of knowledge.