Automotive Related Environmental Testing Facility

What is an Automotive Related Environmental Testing Facility?

In the motorcycle and automobile industry, it is necessary to carry out tests under various circumstances and environments as part of the development of engines and vehicles and for product testing in general. At DAIICHI KOGYO, we design and construct such facilities, making use of our abundant experience to create the various testing environments needed.

Automotive Related Environmental Testing Facility

Chassis Dynamometer Testing Laboratory

We design and construct air conditioning and ventilation systems and vehicle wind speed systems necessary for vehicle testing.

Chassis Dynamometer Testing Laboratory

Engine Bench

We design and construct air supply/air extraction systems and local air extraction systems required for stand-alone engine bench test.

Chassis Dynamometer Testing Laboratory

Other Indoor Testing Facilities

Environmental Testing Facilities

1. Acoustic Anechoic Chamber

We design and construct acoustic anechoic and acoustic semi-anechoic chambers for vehicles, stand-alone engines, mufflers and other products.

2. Radio-Frequency Anechoic Chamber

We design and construct radio-frequency anechoic chambers that provide the same conditions as outdoors but without external radio waves in order to perform radio-noise measurements.

3. Decompression Chambers

We also design decompression chambers for high altitude performance testing.

4. Cold Start Testing Room

We design and construct cold rooms for testing engine starting for vehicles to be used in cold-temperature regions. In the case of engine bench test, we can either enclose only the engine using insulation panels, or we can construct a system using a method of cooling only the coolant.

Incidental Construction

1. Exhaust Gas Treatment System

We provide exhaust gas treatment systems, mainly for diesel engine stand-alone bench test. The system purifies the air via local air extraction of engine exhaust gas.

2. Various Cold/Hot Thermal Source Equipment

When a multi-unit installation is needed, comprising air conditioning units, cold thermal units, etc. that are using cold water, brine or coolant, it is better to cluster the cold thermal sources of these units together in order to minimize both initial costs and running costs. We estimate the load ratios from test results and design and construct the optimal system.

3. Fuel Supply System

We design and construct fuel supply systems, which are indispensable for testing. We provide the entire system comprising an underground tank, service tank and the terminal supply part.

4. Fuel Supply Unit

We provide a unit that can regulate the pressure, flow rate and temperature of the fuel supplied in the testing room. The unit supplies the engine with this stably regulated fuel.

5. Engine Intake Air Control

We can provide control systems that, in addition to supporting normal intake-air conditions (air flow rate, temperature and humidity), also allow a degree of pressure control to produce intake-air conditions for lap simulations of actual race conditions.

6. Frames and Interior Work

We can also provide other related construction, including (1) foundation work of dynamometer, (2) wall, floor and ceiling construction inside the test room, (3) construction and fitting work on the opening of the test room and (4) interior finishing work for control room.

7. Disaster Prevention and Alarm System

We can also provide emergency systems, including (1) fire extinguishing system construction, and (2) alarm system construction for harmful and flammable gasses.

8. Electricity and Gas Facilities

In addition to installing the power-supply systems required for equipment operation, we can also install the lighting, power outlets and surveillance cameras inside the test room.

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